Hep C treatment 25 years on
On the 25th anniversary of the formal identification of the hepatitis C virus, Hepatitis NSW has expressed hope that 2014...
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2014 Cheryl Burman Award
The Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award is a new award is presented to a person, or group of people or an agency who show...
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HepCAustralasia online forum
Good news on the online peer forum. Memberships continue to grow and activity is at an all time high (measured by people's...
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The booklets listed below provide either overview information or specific topics. They are all freely downloadable as PDFs and, in NSW, available in hardcopy from the Hepatitis Helpline or by using our faxback resources order form.



Two Hep C Questions: What will happen to me? Should I go on treatment? - external link

This new booklet is about people’s hep C journey: their illness outcome and treatment, and how to best care for their liver. The booklet aims to help people make good decisions about their health. It provides a guide to long term hep C health outcome and is intended for use by people affected by hepatitis C and their GP, liver specialist or treatment CNC (Clinical Nurse Consultant).


What You Need to Know: a guide to hepatitis C - external link

(Hepatitis NSW)


image hep c and us mob

Hep C and us mob -4MB PDF

(Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council, NSW)

Moving On After Treatment booklet

Moving on after treatment - 1MB PDF

(Hepatitis NSW, QLD & SA)

cover of Hepatitis Australia's Women and Hepatitis C booklet

Women and hep C - 4MB PDF

(Hepatitis Australia)


image hep B what you need to know

Hepatitis B: what you need to know - 2MB PDF

(Hepatitis Australia)

2005image nsp your questions answered and review of evidence

NSP: Your questions answered - 160KB PDF

NSP: Review of the evidence - 230KB PDF

(Commonwealth Dept Health & Ageing)











2004 image hep c treat yourself right 

Treat yourself right - 1MB PDF

(Hepatitis C Council of South Australia) 







image hygienic procedures for body piercers

Hygienic procedures for body piercers - 280KB

(Commonwealth Dept Health & Ageing)




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