Love Liver Love Life wows a packed audience

Love Liver Love Life wows a packed audience

The light comedy “Love Liver, Love Life” wowed the packed audience at Hurstville Entertainment Centre’s Marana Auditorium. Held on Sat April 21, the play was organized by Hepatitis NSW, the Chinese Australian Services Society and the Australian Arts Assembly. This humorous light comedy was commissioned by Hepatitis NSW and the Australian Arts Assembly. It focused on prevention and treatment of hepatitis B in the Chinese community. The performance used easy-to-understand explanations to help eliminate the misunderstandings of hepatitis B prevention and control. As a result, the audience learnt more about hepatitis B related medical knowledge (acceptance of hepatitis B examination and treatment is of far-reaching significance).


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Hep nurse receives nomination for nurse of the year award

Bathurst nurse Katherine McQuillan has been nominated for a nurse of the year award, after her tireless work to improve the availability of hepatitis C services to disadvantaged people living in regional NSW. The nomination comes from superannuation fund HESTA, who have nominated another three finalists for the 2018 Nurse or Midwife of the Year. Ms McQuillan, who has been a nurse at the liver and viral clinic at the Bathurst Base Hospital for the past seven years, said she was both surprised and shocked when she learned of her nomination.


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How can you get hepatitis A from eating frozen fruit?

Seven people in New South Wales have been diagnosed with hepatitis A after eating imported frozen pomegranate seeds from Coles. Although still under investigation, the company responsible for production recalled the implicated product as a precaution.

Around 40,000 packs of Creative Gourmet Frozen Pomegranate Arils have been sold since hitting the shelves in September 2017. NSW Health is advising consumers to immediately dispose of any in their possession.

Click this link for good background information about the frozen pomegranate seeds…


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Yarning on Hep B at awareness day

The Weigelli Centre’s Community and Family Support team, in conjunction with Cowra Community Health held a “Yarning Hep B” awareness barbecue on Thursday, April 5. The barbecue promoted Hep B Awareness with information about prevention, testing, vaccination, care and treatment options. The awareness barbecue was held in Squire Park in Kendal Street next to Target and the day was funded by Hepatitis NSW.


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Hep A outbreak linked to frozen pomegranates

A frozen food company previously linked to two outbreaks of hepatitis A in NSW has been linked to a third outbreak, after seven people in Sydney, the Central Coast and Wollongong became ill after eating frozen pomegranates.
NSW Health confirmed on Friday that the seven people who had contracted hepatitis A had all purchased and consumed Creative Gourmet’s frozen pomegranates, which are sold at Coles.


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