Linking the hepatitis workforce

Our online professional network, HepLink, provides a space to share information on the latest hepatitis research, training opportunities, and resources. With over 500 members, HepLink is a group of clinicians, health promotion workers, educators, researchers, policymakers and people from communities affected by viral hepatitis.

All NSW Local Health Districts are represented in the membership, including Justice Health. Regional membership is encouraged with webinar participation.

Heplink – Member benefits

HepLink members get:

  • access to personalised updates on new information that is relevant to your work
  • access to Hepatitis NSW Heplink Email Network – the only place for online community and workforce discussion and information about hepatitis C
  • opportunities to present your work and projects to other HepLink members via webinars.

Heplink Email Network provides a way to share information, resources and support. It offers:

  • professional connectivity
  • support
  • information sharing
  • networking
  • a forum to discuss and address issues of common concern.

Members circulate between 5-10 emails per week on hep C related topics. All postings are moderated and approved by the Hepatitis NSW HepLink secretariat before posting to ensure relevance to the membership.

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This page last updated 28 Feb 2018

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