HEP CURED Mobile MuralKeep an eye out for the HEP CURED Mobile Mural driving through your local area on the second leg of its trip across NSW this March.

On March 15 it will be driving around Penrith, St Mary’s and Blacktown as it promotes hep C testing and treatment pathways!

March 15 we’ll be stopping 9am-12pm at Penrith Red Cross Anniversary Park, 1-2 St Mary’s Coachman’s Park,  corner of Queen St and Charles Hackett Drive. We’ll have giveaways, competitions, and hep C testing and treatment pathways.

If you see it, take a pic or video and post to your social media with the hash tags #hepC #hepCURED and #MobileMural

For more info about HEP CURED >>>CLICK HERE