We’re looking for people with lived experience of hep C in Northern Sydney to become peer workers at Hepatitis NSW.

The work is rewarding, paid, typically only a couple of hours a week, and an exciting way to be part of making hep C history. We offer full training and support. Our peer workers are an extremely important and valuable part of the Hepatitis NSW team.

We have two programs that we are recruiting for: the Live Hep C Free program and the Speaker Program.

Live Hep C Free Peer ProgramLive Hep C Free Peer Program

Live Hep C Free is focused on helping make hep C healthcare easier to access as well as provide information and support around hep C. Our peers work in partnership with healthcare workers in methadone clinics, homelessness services, youth services, residential rehabs, and other sites to help people access the hepatitis healthcare they need. Peers engage with clients of those services and encourage people to get tested, to check their liver health, and get their hep C cured.

C-een & Heard Speaker ProgramSpeaker Program

This is our positive speaker program, giving people who have cured their hep C the opportunity to talk about their experiences of living with hep C to the healthcare workforce and the broader community. The Speaker Program plays an important role in reducing stigma and discrimination, and helps the workforce understand the personal story of hep C.


If either or both of these programs sound like something that would interest you, please contact us using the confidential form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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