Fitpack Stickers (packs of 80)

Fitpack Stickers (packs of 80)


Fitpack stickers aimed for distribution via Needle & Syringe Program outlets (NSP). Stickers come in sets of  80, so enter the number of sets you’d like into the box on the right (1 set = 80 stickers, 10 sets = 800 stickers).

You can download a resource by clicking on the below image to view ‘fullscreen’. Then click the download arrow symbol in the top left hand corner of the screen.


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  1. Noeline Cook

    Stickers when attached to fit packs are a good way to convey information to uses in the community

    • Grace Crowley

      Thanks Noeline – indeed, we find they’re very effective.

  2. jodi tyne

    We never send out a Fitpack without taking advantage of sharing a great message, thank you

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