We provide hepatitis education sessions across NSW targeting AOD services, homelessness services, the criminal justice system, youth and health organisations.

Our range of hepatitis education and workforce development workshops and packages will inspire, educate and support you, your staff or your clients at risk of or affected by hep B or C.

Most of our workshops include one of our C-een & Heard speakers, who offer insight by sharing their moving stories about hep C.

All of our workshops are FREE.

What Workshops and Education Packages Do We Offer?


Find a hepatitis related workshop or education package that suits your needs by clicking on the descriptions below. Or contact us directly to discuss how we can deliver a tailored session for your workplace.

All training is delivered by qualified and experienced trainers. Sessions can be delivered in our training rooms, at your workplace or online via webinar. Participants are eligible for CDP points.

GET BLOODY SERIOUS! Professional development


Our comprehensive one-day workshop is for people wanting to genuinely engage clients and communities around hepatitis C.

Most of these workshops will be delivered in partnership with people from clinical services and the community. The workshops are interactive and aim to strengthen your local networks, encourage more clients into testing and treatment, reduce discrimination and give a better understanding of our communities that are affected by hep C.

At the end of the day, you will:

  • Know the difference between hepatitis A, B and C
  • Discuss confidently the new hep C treatment range of “Direct Acting Antivirals”
  • Navigate & build on local hep C testing and new treatment pathways
  • Describe national harm reduction strategies and map local prevention options
  • Identify and address discriminatory barriers to health care.
  • Support people making informed decisions around their hep C and starting treatment.
  • Be Inspired! Hear someone’s first-hand experience of hep C. 

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MAKE A BLOODY DIFFERENCE! Organisational capacity development


This advanced intensive is designed to strengthen your organisational capacity in responding to your client’s needs around hepatitis C.

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HAVE A BLOODY GO! In-service training solutions


These short tailored in-services last around 1-3 hours and are ideal for offering staff in your workplace up-to-date information about hepatitis B and C, current best practices and addressing specific hep knowledge or skill gaps you may have identified.

This in-service will benefit your staff and organisation by:

  • Building the skills and knowledge of your team
  • Increasing confidence to achieve better outcomes for people accessing your services
  • Improving the services and support offered to people affected by hepatitis B or C in NSW

We’ll work with you to ensure the in-service meets the specific needs of your workplace using engaging activities and education tools.


What Do You Learn? 


In-service sessions are structured in modules. Our programs are delivered at your organisation and requires a minimum of 6 participants. In-services can include a C-een and Heard speaker when a minimum of 1½ hours are allocated.

Modules covered your staff about a variety of hepatitis B and C related topics including:

  • Differences between hep A, B and C
  • Hep B and C testing
  • Treatment for hepatitis B and C
  • Transmission / prevention
  • Illness outcomes
  • Harm minimisation & reduction
  • Prevalence and priority populations
  • Self-management
  • Organisational planning for hep C service delivery
  • Discrimination / inclusion
  • Hep B and C support services / referral info
  • HIV / Hep B co-infection

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To find our more about our training workshops, contact our project team.

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