Hepatitis NSW’s Cheryl Burman Award is an annual award, given to a person or group who have done outstanding work in NSW in the fight against viral hepatitis. This could be in the advancement of treatment, support, information provision, prevention or management for people living with viral hepatitis.


How do you nominate someone?


Read the Cheryl Burman Award Process & Guidelines. Then open and complete the Cheryl Burman Award Nomination Form, and scan-email it back to us.

Once the above links are clicked, these forms will be found in your Downloads Folder.

For further information, please call our office on 02 9332 1853.

The closing date for nominations for this award is 5pm, Monday 28 September 2020.


When will the award be presented?


This year’s award will be presented at our Audrey Lamb Community Forum, alongside our AGM on Wednesday 25 November 2020.


Past winners

The Cheryl Burman Award has been presented since 2013:

  • 2013: Gary Gahan
  • 2014: Vince Fragomeli
  • 2015: Professor Carla Treloar
  • 2016: Janice Pritchard-Jones
  • 2017: Alice Lee
  • 2018: Gail Snelgar
  • 2019: Bev Tyson

Learn more about our exceptional winners and their work by clicking here.


Who was Cheryl Burman?


Cheryl BurmanThe award pays tribute to Cheryl Burman, a key individual who provided exceptional leadership in the NSW viral hepatitis response.

Cheryl served on the Board of the Hepatitis C Council of NSW from 1993 to 2000, and as our President from 1995 to 1999. Cheryl made significant contributions to the governance and leadership of our organisation for almost seven years, and continued to remain friends with and a supporter of Hepatitis NSW.

Sadly, Cheryl died on 9 August 2011 after her very long struggle with hep C. We are pleased to name this Award in Cheryl’s memory and honour.

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