Can hepatitis C be cured? YES, IT CAN BE!
There are now a range of new hep C treatments available – the new cures:

  • Give you a 95%+ chance of cure
  • Have minimal side-effects
  • Usually take only 8 or 12 weeks
  • Just pills (no injections)
  • Are covered by Medicare, so are very low cost

This means that now is a great time to think about treating and curing your hep C!

What are the New Cures For Hep C?

The new cures for hep C are different to the previous treatments that were available before 2016. Now around 95%, or more, of people who take them are cured, even if your hep C has resulted in liver cirrhosis.

The new cures for hep C include:

  • Epclusa (all genotypes and for 12 weeks)
  • Harvoni (genotype 1 and for 8 or 12 weeks)
  • Maviret (all genotypes and for 8 weeks)
  • Zepatier (genotypes 1 & 4 and for 12 weeks)


Who Can Access The Cures?

Hep C cures are now available to everyone in Australia who has hep C.* The national and state governments want everyone with hep C to be cured, including prisoners and people who inject drugs. Now is a very good time to consider testing for hep C or speaking to your doctor about the hep C cures.

*Cures are available to people who have a Medicare Card or Health Care Concession Card and who aren’t hospital inpatients.


Why Cure Hep C?

Curing your hep C clears the virus from your body. It reduces liver inflammation and can help reverse fibrosis and even cirrhosis.

Live free from the worry of hep C – knowing that you no longer have hep C can help you feel better about yourself. For example, you may no longer feel worried about passing hep C to other people. There has been no better time to think about hep C treatment.

Find out more about the benefits of clearing hep C – call the Hepatitis Infoline.



Grace talks about her experience of being cured of hepatitis C with new, highly effective treatments. There’s never been a better time to be cured of hep C.
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What Will My Doctor Need to Know To Treat Me?

If you want to be assessed for treatment, you need to make an appointment with a doctor. They will be mostly interested in the condition of your liver. Your doctor will organise, if possible, for you to have a  Fibroscan examination. If Fibroscan is not available, your doctor will probably use an APRI test. This is an online calculator that estimates the health of your liver. It involves a blood test called a liver function test.

Don’t forget, it’s very important to get a PCR test 12 weeks after finishing treatment – this will mean the doctor can make sure you are cured.


Find Out More About Treating and Curing Hep C

There has been no better time to find out about the treatments available for hep C, which can cure your condition permanently, allowing you to live hep C free.

To help you access more information about treating and curing hepatitis C, we offer the following services and resources:

The information we offer in our resources is not designed to replace professional medical advice. We inform you to provide you with the best possible pathways to accessing treatment from a professional.

This page last updated 3 August 2018

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