We love to know what you think of our work and we have feedback surveys for some of our resources.

The surveys are open to people who live in NSW. By responding to a survey, you have a good chance of winning a $100 Coles/Myer Gift cards.

There are currently seven different annual surveys and winners are drawn in December each year. There are also monthly survey winners ($25) for subscribers to The Champion e-newsletters.

Website [hep.org.au]

Our website containing information, directory listings, news and resources.

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Tx! Mag

Our easy read magazine using a comic strip approach to communicate health promotion messages.

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C Change: Curing hep C

Hep C Treatment: Is treatment for me?

I have hep B or C: Is my liver healthy?

Liver cirrhosis: a toolkit for patients

Yarnin' About Hep C

Our booklet about hep C for Aboriginal people in NSW.

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This page last updated 23 April 2019

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