There is an increased risk of sexual transmission for men who have sex with men (who are HIV positive). The risk is higher if one or more partners has HIV, or if the sex involves blood-to-blood contact, of if they have other STIs, or if recreational drugs are used.

How can you reduce the risks?

  • Use condoms and lots of lube for anal sex.
  • Wear gloves and use lots of lube for fisting.
  • Use condoms on toys and change them between partners, or wash toys with hot soapy water and dry them between partners.
  • If affected by alcohol or recreational drugs, your judgement around risks will be impaired and you’ll have decreased inhibitions so take special care to avoid blood-to-blood contact.

Some men choose not to use condoms when having sex with other men who believe they have the same HIV status. This is called sero-sorting and can further increase people’s risk of contracting hep C.

For more information about sex and hep C, phone the Hepatitis Infoline.

For more information about sex and hep C, or HIV, contact your local Sexual Health Clinic >> 

For more information about HIV/AIDS, connect up with ACON >>

Also, click here to see our Detailed hep C information page >> 

This page last updated 10 Jan 2018

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