E-Info is a NSW-wide information and support service for people affected by hep B or C. It is free, confidential and non-judgemental. It enables you to ask us a question 24/7 … unlike our Live Support service, which is available during normal office hours and is live and immediate.

With E-Info, we try to reply to your email as soon as possible but it might take a day or two in order for us to provide the information you seek.

You can email your hep question for:

  • Up to date, accurate information about hep B or C
  • Details to relevant services such as liver clinics or doctors
  • Referral to other Hepatitis NSW services such as counselling (Let’s Talk) or hep C treatment peer support (Hep Connect)
  • A free information pack on hep B or hep C.

If for any reason you feel that E-Info is not working properly, please call us on 1800 803 990 and let us know.

E-Info is a service for people living in NSW, Australia.


This page last updated 10 Jan 2018

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