Are you aware of alcohol and liver health? Your liver can be damaged if you drink too much alcohol and your liver can also be damaged by viral hepatitis. You can lower your liver health risks. Curing yourself of hep C and controlling your alcohol intake will help you regain good liver health.

Most people drink alcohol for relaxation, enjoyment and to be more social. Most people drink at levels that cause few problems but controlling alcohol intake is not easy for everyone. Not everyone thinks about alcohol and their liver health. Are you someone who drinks at levels that increase your risk of alcohol-related harm?

Alcohol and monitoring your liver health

Doctors can do tests that indicate the possible condition of your liver. These include blood tests, such as Liver Function Tests. They also include Fibroscan examinations.

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National alcohol guidelines

You should try to limit your alcohol use to the national recommendations for Australian adults.

  • Men and women should not drink more than two standard drinks per day (a standard drink is one schooner of light beer, one middy of full strength beer, one standard glass of wine or one nip of spirits)
  • If on any occasion, you do drink over the above limit, you should not drink more than four standard drinks in a day.

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Helpful tips

You might find the following alcohol tips are helpful.

  • Have regular alcohol-free days
  • Try low alcohol drinks
  • Follow each alcoholic drink with several non-alcoholic drinks
  • Avoid places where there is pressure to drink
  • Avoid drinking in rounds (having turns at buying everyone’s drinks)
  • Finish each drink and then wait a while before starting a new one (don’t let people top up your glass).

If you have difficulty limiting your alcohol intake, seek advice from your doctor or call the NSW Alcohol & Drug Information Service (ADIS):

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