Where can you get vaccinated for hep B?

You can get vaccinated for hep B at your doctor’s clinic or a sexual health centre.

The hep B vaccination is safe and effective. You need 3 injections in 6 months, and a blood test 4 weeks after your last injection to make sure that the vaccine worked. All 3 injections gives you the best chance of developing hepatitis B immunity (protection).

If the vaccine has worked, you are protected from hep B for life. You do not have to worry about getting hep B. This helps with hepatitis B prevention and control.

Here are some other ways to prevent hep B:

  • Practise safe sex: Use condoms when having sex.
  • Avoid sharing objects that may have traces of blood such as nail scissors, razors, and toothbrushes
  • Get piercings, tattoos and cosmetic procedures done by qualified professionals
  • Make sure that they always use sterile (pre-packaged and clean) equipment
  • Do not share needles or any injecting equipment.

How do you know if you have been vaccinated or have hep B immunity? See our Hepatitis B Testing Chart >>

For more information about prevention and vaccination, call the Hepatitis Infoline or speak to your doctor.

Want to know more about travel vaccinations for hep B prevention? Call the Hepatitis Infoline.

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This page last updated 9 Jan 2018

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