Hep Connect is a free telephone support service for people in NSW

Talking about hepatitis: you can be connected to a worker who has (or had) hep C and has been on hep C treatment. People who access Hep Connect say they feel less isolated as a result.

“Throughout my 24 week treatment she was the only person I had contact with that had hep C….it meant so much to me to actually speak to another person who has been affected by hep C.” (Hep Connect client)

Hep Connect is for:

  • people affected by hep C
  • partners and carers of people affected by hep C
  • people thinking about starting hep C treatment
  • people going through hep C treatment
  • talking about hepatitis C treatment.

A Hep Connect peer worker can:

  • understand what you’re going through
  • listen to concerns around starting treatment
  • talk about tests needed before starting treatment
  • share with you how they coped going through treatment
  • be there for you to talk to on a weekly basis
  • provide hepatitis C support.

To find out more about Hep Connect:

Use this private and confidential form (24/7)

Or contact us (9-5 Mon-Fri)

This page last updated 10 Jan 2018

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