Hep ConnectOur Hep Connect program is run by people who have experience of living with hep C who are now cured.

Are you a nurse who has clients living with hep C? If you have a client or clients undergoing treatment for hep C, or who are about to start, you may wish to refer them to this program.


‘Thank you so much from the deepest depths of my heart for your help. I got my SVR results today – I am now hep C free. Thank you and your organisation! I could not have done it without your support and will recommend it to anyone.’
Tony, Hep Connect client, 27 July 2020.


Who should you refer to this program?

The program is designed to provide additional support to anyone in the community who is about to commence or is on hep C treatment.

Who are our Hep C peer support workers?

Our peer workers have a breadth of experience engaging clients and working with hepatology nurses. The peers are perfectly placed to support people while on treatment. The program aims to provide the right type of support at the right time to make the journey through treatment easier.

How does the Hep Connect program work?

Our peers work in partnership with hepatitis healthcare workers and the Hep Connect Project Officer to provide personalised support and important reminder messages for clients undergoing treatment all the way to cure (SVR12). SMS text messages are programmed and peer workers will reach out to clients by using the same phone number from our HNSW offices in Surry Hills, to see how they are going as well as to address the specific message requirements of the attending healthcare worker. It is a two-way service so that the client can reply to the SMS texts and also contact the peer, via phone, during office hours.

We update your clinicians and you can provide us with feedback

Peer workers and the Hepatitis NSW Project Officer will update clinicians as required. Clients are also able to provide feedback, opting in or out of the program at any time.

If you have a client or clients that would benefit from the Hep Connect program please contact Susanne Wilkinson, Project Officer on (02) 8217 7716 or by calling the Hepatitis Infoline on 1800 803 990 or by completing this confidential form.


This page last updated 25 June 2019

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