Our hepatitis education sessions are designed to increase knowledge about hep B and C, in the community and at your workplace.  We aim to reduce hep related stigma and discrimination, so that more people can get tested, treated and supported.

If you would like to increase your or your staffs knowledge of hep B and C, browse the options below to find the best way to learn more.


Hepatitis Education For Staff and The Workplace

Do you work with: people living with hep C, people who inject drugs, Aboriginal people, young people, people affected by the criminal justice system, community services?

Our workforce education and professional development programs will help you to support staff or clients at risk of or affected by hep B or C.

You will particularly benefit from our programs if you work in:

  • AOD services
  • Homelessness services
  • The criminal justice system
  • Youth services
  • Health organisations and hospitals
  • Aged care
  • Immigration

A Network of Professionals and Speakers

Want to stay up to date with the latest developments in hepatitis C research, training opportunities and resources? Sign up for membership as part of our Heplink Network. You’ll receive between 5-10 emails per week on topics related to hepatitis, and joining is free.

Our speaker service program, C-een & Heard, lets you share first-hand in someone’s personal account of living with hepatitis C. You can book a speaker to talk at your event or workshop, or our in-service workshops include a Speaker

You can also sign up to our newsletter: The Champion. This free monthly email newsletter will update you about our campaigns and any recent hepatitis news, issues and events.


Online Hep B and C Modules For Self-Learning

For a simple introduction to hepatitis B or C, you can take our online learning modules for free at any time. These modules are designed to assist people working with anyone affected by or at risk of hep B or hep C.

While you will come away from this study with introductory knowledge about hepatitis B and C, keep in mind our content is not designed to replace advice from a medical professional.


Educating and Spreading Awareness About Hep B and C

We hope that you’ve found a way to learn about hepatitis B or C that suits the needs of you and your organisation.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the educational programs we offer, contact us here today.

For more information about the hepatitis related services we offer, visit our key services page for a complete list of ways we can help.

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