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Hepatitis C Transmission Tightrope Game

Hepatitis C Transmission Tightrope Game


Educational hep C game ideal for a variety of group learning situations
[Illustrated cards + instructions | A5 | colour | limit 2 per order]
This fun, easy-to-use and play game helps educate participants on the activities that can increase or reduce the risk of hep C transmission.

  • Place a line (your “tightrope of risk”) along a floor/ground in a hall, corridor or open space
  • Mark sections of the line as VERY HIGH RISK | HIGH RISK | MEDIUM RISK | LOW RISK | NO RISK
  • Hand out cards (25), randomly sorted, to participants, image upwards (ask people not to turn the cards over – that’s where the answers are!)
  • Ask participants to decide what level of risk the activity shown on their card would have for hep C transmission
  • Invite the group to arrange themselves along the ”tightrope” according to where they think the activity on their card “belongs”.
  • Ask participants to explain their reasoning and invite others to comment
  • Ask everyone to turn their cards over. Discuss the answers and invite people to change position if they’d like.
  • Encourage group discussions!

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