Can hepatitis C be cured? Yes, you now have very good options for curing your hep C.

Hep C treatments are listed on the Medicare PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) which makes them almost free. Now is a great time to think about curing your hep C.

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The new cures are different to the previous treatments:

  • They cure around 95%, or more, of people who take them (even if you have cirrhosis).
  • They have minimal side-effects.
  • They last for just 8 or 12 weeks (in most cases).
  • They involve just a few pills each day (with no injections).

Curing your hep C clears the virus from your body. It helps reduces liver inflammation and can help reverse fibrosis and even cirrhosis.

Knowing that you no longer have hep C may also help you feel better about yourself. For example, you may no longer feel worried about passing hep C to other people.

There has been no better time to think about hep C treatment.

Important detailed info about hep C treatment

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