If you want to be assessed for treatment, you need to make an appointment with a doctor. They will be mostly interested in the condition of your liver. Your doctor will organise, if possible, for you to have a Fibroscan examination.

Image showing three livers, from good to bad

If Fibroscan is not available, your doctor will probably use an APRI test. This is an online calculator that estimates the health of your liver. It involves a blood test called a liver function test.

APRI most often used in rural or remote areas

Most doctors in rural or remote areas of NSW are unable to access Fibroscan machines. If you live in these regions, your hep C treatment assessment will most likely use APRI.

APRI uses your AST and platelet count (both are part of a liver function test). It will give you and your doctor and idea of your level of liver fibrosis (inflammation). Your score can be calculated in a couple of minutes and can then be used as part of your pre-treatment assessment.

If your Fibroscan or APRI suggests you have a lower level of fibrosis, you can be treated by a doctor. If you have moderate or severe fibrosis, you will be referred on for treatment at a Liver Clinic or by a specialist.

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