Will my doctor or a specialist treat my hep C?

Many of your local doctors and the Liver Clinic at your local hospital can assess you for treatment. This will involve tests to find out your hep C genotype, look at your liver health and measure your viral load.

If you don’t have signs of serious liver damage, your local doctor can manage your hep C treatment. At some clinics, you might be treated by a nurse practitioner (a specially trained nurse).

But if have signs of serious liver damage, like cirrhosis, you will be treated at a hospital Liver Clinic or by a specialist. This is because people with cirrhosis need extra monitoring during and after treatment. After treatment has cured their hep C, they remain at risk of further complications including liver cancer.

The majority of people with hep C will be treated by their local doctor. Click on the button below to find your local doctors, clinics and chemists who work with hep C treatments.

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This page last updated 04 January 2024

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