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This page last updated 10 May 2019

Past editions

July 2019 – #74
New hepatitis C treatment data confirms time for action is now | Live Hep C Free program update | Peer Projects Training | Hep B Community Education Days | Pet Pics promote health messages | Dave’s work placement at Hepatitis NSW | NSW Hepatitis Awareness Week & World Hepatitis Day 2019
June 2019 – #73
Kooloora Family Fun Day for Aboriginal communities around Malabar | Volunteer appreciation at Hepatitis NSW | Major milestone for Tx! MAG | Hep B health education event at Ashfield Town Hall | Student placement at Hepatitis NSW helps with hep B education
April/May 2019 – #72
Australian Federal Election 2019: Leading the National Response to Viral Hepatitis | Hep C is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Brand: DBS Testing at Bluesfest |  Vosevi listed on PBS | Liver Wellness Outreach Van launched | Volunteering to make a world of difference | Vale, Elizabeth O’Neil |  Get Bloody Serious in the Riverina | Sydney Korean Festival at Darling Harbour
March 2019 – #71
Overview of the Fifth National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander BBV and STI Strategy 2018-2022 | Closing the Gap at 414 Elizabeth Street | How do we Close The Gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health? | Hep C tests at Bluesfest! | Live Hep C Free in Orange and Bathurst
February 2019 – #70
9 out of 10 Australians to have a My Health Record | Hep B Community Sessions for Lunar New Year
January 2019 – #69
Overview: Third National Hepatitis B Strategy 2018–2022 | Closing the Gap at Yabun Festival 2019 |Pet Pics reach homeless people with hep C messages | Feasibility of eliminating hep C as a public health threat | New FINCOL poster on cleaning fits in prisons | Men’s Sheds targeted for viral hep info
December 2018 – #68
National Hepatitis Strategies released | Get Bloody Serious goes north! | Cycle to End the Cycle in Maroubra | Hepatitis NSW supports Give A Dog A Bone
November 2018 – #67
Gail Snelgar wins 2018 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award | Kirby’s Annual Report Card shows hep B and hep C trends | Report highlights barriers to hep C treatment | New Hepatitis NSW President and Board changes | Vale Ann Symonds | Hep B Expo in North Western Sydney a huge success!
October 2018 – #66
Navigating the Future – Partnerships at the 2018 NSW HARP Forum | National Hep C management statement updated | It’s a KNOCKOUT for BBVs and STIs at Dubbo! | Fair Treatment Campaign launched and The Long Walk begins
September 2018 – #65
EC Australia launch provides a vital missing link to eliminating hepatitis C | Hep B and Hep C Online Learning Modules | Promoting hep C treatment… how do you score? | Prisons initiative a finalist in 2018 NSW iCare Awards | Mobile phones, health promotion… and Ferrari cars! | Hepatitis NSW visits Dubbo for the Knockout!
August 2018 – #64
2018 Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference wrap up | Yarnin’ hep C resource for Aboriginal people recognised | Maviret listed… don’t forget to update your resources | Hep B day at UNSW a huge success | Nominations are open for Hepatitis NSW’s Annual Cheryl Burman Award| Hep B screening and health promotion for Aboriginal communities in Western NSW | Resources Survey winner pays it forward | Split-second moment that changed the next 35 years of my life
July 2018 – #63
Everything you need to know about our HEP B & HEP C AWARENESS CAMPAIGN for 2018 | My Health Record – what are the benefits and risks?
June 2018 – #62
NSW Hepatitis C Report Card shows progress in treatment | Hep B Digital Storytelling Project a huge success at WSU | Hep A is in the news – but what is it?
May 2018 – #61
Prison Needle and Syringe Programs to start in Canada | Hepatitis B National Symposium | Sydney Korean Festival
April 2018 – #60
Hep C Elimination workshop  | Hep C peers at your service | Hep B play seen by 600 people in Hurstville  |
Getting Bloody Serious all over NSW!
March 2018 – #59
Calling all hep C peers! | Dragon Boating for hep B awareness | Vale Professor David Cooper |
Family Fun Day at Baulkham Hills | National Close The Gap Day: Let’s Walk the Talk
February 2018 – #58
Counselling can help to enhance quality of life Hepatitis NSW at Yabun | Rob Wisniewski to leave Hepatitis NSW | Hep C Online Learning Modules
January 2018 – #57
Hep C elimination in NSW by 2028 | Liver cirrhosis resource | new website
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