Currently, we are not recruiting for any positions.

The identification of the hepatitis C virus in 1989 established a new era in the scientific understanding of hep C. In stark contrast, people affected faced confusion and ignorance about their condition. A need for community-wide information and support was clearly visible. Professor Geoffrey Farrell of Westmead Hospital recognised this need. His assistance and the commitment of the group’s inaugural President, Ms Audrey Lamb, enabled the establishment of a patient support group that inaugurated in November 1991 as the NSW Hepatitis C Support Group. The group later became the Hepatitis C Council of NSW, and is now Hepatitis NSW.

It is the policy of Hepatitis NSW to provide equal opportunity in all aspects of employment including conditions, recruitment, remuneration, development, promotion and termination. The organisation will ensure that recruitment, remuneration, development and promotion decisions are made on the basis of the individual’s qualifications, skills and experience and/or potential with reference to the position requirements.

Hepatitis NSW is committed to providing a safe and quality environment for its staff. This includes offering competitive terms and conditions as well as ensuring that there are a range of policies and procedures that underpin all of our activities and demonstrate our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Hepatitis NSW is fully committed to its obligations to eliminate discrimination and harassment in the workplace and in client relations. Conduct which amounts to harassment, racial vilification or other forms of bullying of an employee or a client or any other person visiting Hepatitis NSW is misconduct and in breach of every contract of employment. Such behaviour will be subject to disciplinary action and depending upon the circumstances, can be serious misconduct which justifies dismissal without notice.

This page last updated 9 July 2018