Search the map below to find your nearest NSW Ministry of Health NSP (Needle and Syringe Program)

The NSW NSP map below does not record your personal details in any way. It simply aims to connect you to your local Ministry of Health NSPs near you. It will show you what the NSP offers, their contact info and other services at the site. NOTE: You can zoom in on the map and move it around to find your area.

This map is supplied, managed and updated by the Ministry of Health. FOR THEIR LISTING OF NSPS BY SUBURB – CLICK HERE >>

Be aware that many local chemist shops are NSPs too. Ask around among the people you know to find out where are your local chemist NSPs

Investment in NSPs (2000-2009) has resulted in:

  • An estimated 32,050 HIV infections and 96,667 HCV infections averted
  • Substantial healthcare cost savings to government related to HCV and HIV
  • Substantial gains in Disability Adjusted Life years.

For every dollar currently spent on the activities of NSP, more than four dollars will be returned (in addition to the investment; i.e., five times the investment) and approximately 0.2 days of disability-adjusted life gained. Over a longer time horizon there is even greater return.

Results from model-based projections into the future (2010 onwards) suggest that:

  • Maintenance of current levels of NSP funding will continue to provide substantial and increasing healthcare cost savings, and gains in life years.
  • Increases in the funding and provision of NSPs will:
    • avert additional HCV and HIV infections
    • lead to further and increased cost-savings of funding up to 150-200% of current level if met with demand
    • reduce marginal return on investment as funding increased
    • the maximum return would be achieved at 150% to 200% of current levels.


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