Hep B is an easily managed condition. If you have hep B you can live a long and healthy life if you see your doctor regularly for monitoring.

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Regular check-ups

The most important thing is to see your doctor every 6 months for liver checks. Hep B can change over time. There are times when the virus is quiet with little damage occurring. At other times, the virus is active – and this is when the liver gets damaged.

You may not feel any different when the virus is active and damaging the liver. So, it is important to get regular liver checks.

How to treat hepatitis B

Not every hep B patient will need to take medicine. Your doctor will know if you should start hep B treatment through regular testing. Can hepatitis B be cured totally? No, but hepatitis B medication can help to control the virus levels, prevent liver damage, and keep your liver healthy. If you are considering taking vitamins, herbs, or traditional medicine, please discuss these with your hep B doctor.

It is important for people who are close to you, such as family members, sexual partners, and housemates, to get tested for hep B. If they don’t have hep B, they should get vaccinated to avoid getting infected.

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Or phone the Hepatitis Infoline, or speak to your doctor

This page last updated 9 Jan 2018

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