When will your doctor monitor your treatment?

You will probably be asked to visit your doctor once during treatment. This visit happens four weeks after treatment starts. This is so your doctor can monitor your treatment.

Side effects

The new DAA treatments usually have no side effects or mild side effects. Any hep C treatment side effects are far less of a problem than those caused by the old interferon-based treatments.

There is the chance that the new drugs might not work well with some other medicines you might be taking but your doctor or specialist will find ways to deal with this.

Pregnancy and hep C treatment

Pregnancy must be strictly avoided during treatment that includes Ibavyr (the brand name for the drug, ribavirin) as it can cause birth defects. Pregnancy must also be avoided with other DAA treatment drugs.

PCR test 12 weeks after treatment

You need a PCR viral detection test 12 weeks after your treatment finishes to check if you are cured. It is VERY IMPORTANT to attend for this post-treatment check up. Don’t assume that treatment has cured your hep C; find out for sure with the final PCR test.

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