The HEPCAUSTRALASIA forum was closed on 31 January 2018.

Since 2006, the forum had provided an invaluable space for people affected by hepatitis C to find support, acceptance and advice. But with the March 2016 advent of new “miracle” treatments, hepatitis C was no longer regarded as a chronic and dangerous illness. (It is now considered a relatively easily cured viral infection.)

In line with these developments, the basis and need for the forum decreased dramatically and it was shut down.

The good news is that Australians have world-leading access to new drugs. Additionally, there is a commitment from Australian specialists that “no one will be left behind.” Those few people who are not successful with treatment will be offered further combinations/newer treatments so that we can effectively eliminate hepatitis C in Australia.

For more information about hepatitis C, please call your Hepatitis Infoline: the National number is 1800 437 222

For an overview of the forum, click here to see an article produced by journalist, Charlie Stansfield from Hep Review, ED82 2013 >>

Do you have an interest in the forum? For example, are you a Public Health student, interested in researching online forums? We have saved/archived a considerable amount of forum content. For more information, please contact the Information and Communications Team at Hepatitis NSW (9-5, M-F), or use this confidential form (24/7) …

This page last updated 9 March 2018

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