Hepatitis NSW has published Write to Be Heard: Hepatitis B Stories from the Chinese and Korean Communities. This tri-lingual printed book – in English, Korean and Chinese – contains twelve personal stories detailing lived experience, from people in NSW communities affected by hepatitis B.

In her foreword to the book, Dr Alice Lee, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, said, “Sharing personal stories amongst a community that aspires to (the goal of improving) the life of each and every person affected by hepatitis B, as well as their families, is one of the many steps in breaking down these barriers (of treatment misconceptions and stigma).”

Write to Be Heard is one part of Hepatitis NSW’s ongoing work in community engagement around hep B and efforts to increase knowledge and testing and reduce stigma. It was developed following a writing competition held last year during the COVID lockdown. The winning stories have been published in this book.

Dr Kerry Chant launched Write to Be Heard at the Sydney Hospital as part of a World Hepatitis Day event at Sydney Hospital. In her remarks, Dr Chant said, “I hope the book helps to support and encourage people living with hepatitis B to follow up with their regular monitoring, continue treatment if needed, and live a long, healthy life.”

A small number of the book in its tri-lingual format has been published and will be distributed selectively. It is also available to read online in three versions: