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Peers and students knocked it out of the park!


We are thrilled to share that we have reached a major milestone of providing 300 tests through the EMPOWER sub-study outreach events. This achievement reflects the dedication and hard work of our peer team: Grace, Bindi, Liam, Will, Jimmi, and Chantell in partnership with our wonderful colleagues at Westmead Storr Liver Centre, Sydney LHD HARP Team, and Kirketon Road Centre. To date, we have conducted 18 outreach events, significantly growing our reach and impact. We look forward to continuing to develop and launch new outreach sites in the final half of 2024. The response to EMPOWER and our dedicated peers is incredibly positive. We are excited to be recruiting more peers soon so we can work with more LHD Partners in the coming months. For more information, please contact Pippa at Hepatitis NSW at [email protected].

A very special thank you to our placement students from the University of Sydney, Therese and Jackie. Therese provided invaluable assistance during her 12 weeks with Empower. Therese’s efforts were instrumental in managing our busy schedule and ensuring smooth processes throughout events. Jackie spent 10 weeks with our Peer Partnership Program and its intersection with the HEP CURED health campaign. Jackie focused on how people with lived experience are essential in building a bridge between clinical partners and the community; especially in relation to the on-the-ground hep C testing component used so effectively in the campaign. Hepatitis NSW are extremely grateful to have had Therese and Jackie on board.

Recruiting! Coordinator, Peer Partnership Program

Group under tree

Hepatitis NSW has a vision for a world free of viral hepatitis. We provide information, support, referral, and advocacy for people affected by viral hepatitis in NSW. We work to prevent the transmission of hepatitis B and hepatitis C and to improve the health and well-being of affected people and communities.
Hepatitis NSW’s Peer Partnership Program provides peer/clinical collaborations across NSW – meeting people where they’re at with the healthcare they need. Our professional peer workers engage with members of the affected community in priority settings (OTPs, NSPs, homelessness services, community health, pharmacies, mental health, rehabs, public housing complexes) to inform people about testing and treatment and assist them through care pathways.

We are seeking a Coordinator to lead and run our Peer Partnership program with our team of lived experience community peer workers to deliver testing and care pathway initiatives for people living with, or at risk of, hepatitis C.

We are looking for someone who:
• Has a drive to support the health and wellbeing of people living with, or at risk of, hepatitis C with a particular focus on community engagement.
• Has a passion and drive to lead, train, and inspire our paid, lived experience peer workforce.
• Has an understanding and commitment to working from a strength based and empowerment approach to community engagement and care pathways.
• Has an interest and commitment to building and enhancing Hepatitis NSW’s partnerships with Local Health Districts, clinical workers, community groups and organisations, and government agencies that focus on the health and wellbeing of people affected by viral hepatitis.

If this sounds like the position and organisation you’ve been looking for, download the job package.
For additional information please contact:
Grace, Program Manager, Community Support and Engagement, 02 8217 7704, [email protected]

Applications close: Monday 10 June 2024, 9.00am

Hep C Treatment Perx app for self management and support

Video shoot

The Hepatitis NSW Speaker Program film crew have created a great new 2-minute video to remind us of the importance of medication adherence and the invaluable role that the Perx app can play.
Hep Connect partnered with Perx Health back in 2019 to deliver the hep C treatment self-management and support app. The app is clinically proven to assist people to manage their own appointments, medications, and health choices. The Hep Connect Perx app motivates people living with hep C to stay on-track during their treatment journey, manage their health and achieve better health outcomes.
How does the Hep Connect program work?
People can use the Perx app to schedule their first and upcoming hep C screening appointment and add reminders for any health tasks on their treatment plan. This might include follow-up for results, pick-up prescriptions, attend appointments, and taking medications. Perx integrates several motivators into people’s schedule including education, gift card incentives, gamification, and coaching. The sign-up process is very simple and can be completed in a couple of minutes with or without the assistance of a clinician.
Who should refer to this program?
The Perx app is designed to provide additional support to anyone in the community who is about to start, or is on, hep C treatment. All clients managing hep C treatment in NSW are eligible for free access to the Perx app for the duration of their treatment. If you have clients that would benefit from the Hep Connect program and Perx Health app, follow this link. Or if you would like to know more please call Susanne, Project Officer Hepatitis NSW, on (02) 8217 7716, or call the Hepatitis Infoline on 1800 803 990.

Hepatitis B casual staff recruitment and training

Group photo

Hepatitis NSW recruited 15 casual staff from diverse cultural backgrounds for our hepatitis B and Liver Health work. Our Priority Populations Team Kyle, Mina and Willis ran a full day of training to further develop the new staff’s community engagement skills, on-site testing, follow-up, and referral knowledge.
The project, in development with the Kirby Institute, is scheduled to launch in September, and the new team are excited to start working in community and collaborating with our wonderful LHD partners.

Reducing stigma and discrimination

Happy couple

Stigma and discrimination impact access to healthcare and support services for those living with blood borne viruses (BBVs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, funded by the Victorian Department of Health, has recently published a
stigma reduction toolkit and implementation guide designed to support individual healthcare professionals and services to tackle stigma and discrimination related to BBVs and STIs.
The toolkit addresses:
• Individual healthcare professional practice
• Healthcare service and systems
• Community level reform
The implementation guide outlines planning and implementation processes that cover:
• Exploration
• Initial implementation
• Implementation
• Review, refine and refresh.
The toolkit, implementation guide and other related resources are available free online.
Hand in hand with the toolkit and implementation guide, stigma and discrimination can be diminished with the power of a universally inspiring personal story.

The Hepatitis NSW Lived Experience Speaker Service enhances educational events/workshops by changing community attitudes and challenging stigma experienced by people living with viral hepatitis. The Speaker Service gives people who are affected by viral hepatitis the opportunity to talk about the psychosocial or medical related aspects of their experience of living with hep C or hep B. Witnessing personal accounts of people’s lived experience of hep B or hep C develops an understanding of how issues such as stigma and discrimination impact access to healthcare and support services. Listening to and reading about such life experiences has been shown to be an extremely effective strategy in improving attitudes, values and behaviours of the broader community and healthcare workforce.

Inspirational stories can be found in the Hepatitis NSW “Write to be Heard” publications which can be downloaded in Korean, Chinese and English offering 12 stories told by people affected by or living with hepatitis B. Inspirational video stories can also be found on our YouTube channel.

Experiences of hepatitis C treatment and cure are also available online at Vitalvoicesonhepc.org. Developed by members of the same team that produced that stigma reduction toolkit, this website sheds light on the stories of people affected by hepatitis C, using original audio, re-enacted video and text clips to present people’s experiences in their own words.

Welcome to our brand-new online learning module hub!

Vaccination schedule

We’ve spent much of the last year completely redeveloping our online learning modules to provide a modern, interactive, and engaging learning experience. Our online learning modules are a simple introduction to lots of different topics in the viral hepatitis and liver health space. We’re releasing a module every month or two over the next few months and aiming to have a suite of interesting topics for you to complete. We designed these modules to be for everyone who is interested in the topics, but they should be particularly relevant for people working with people affected by or at risk of hep C or hep B as well as those with advanced liver disease. This might include people who work in:
• Homelessness
• Harm reduction
• Alcohol and other drugs
• The criminal justice sector
• Immigration
• Non-clinical health services
• Mental health
• Community health
• Youth services
• Allied health
• Multicultural health

Yay! Tax Time!

Tax deductable options

Hepatitis NSW is a registered health promotion charity. Donating to a Deductable Gift Recipient organisation like ours provides tax benefits. Please consider making a donation yourself and/or share this link Donate to Hepatitis NSW with your colleagues, friends and family. All donations help us provide support and services to people living with, at-risk of, and affected by viral hepatitis in NSW. People undergoing testing, treatment, care and experiencing hepatitis related discrimination, or who may be afraid to seek support, will benefit from your donation. 

Had a bad health care experience? How to make a complaint

People of Australia

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care has recently released a series of animations for patients, families, and carers to help them find support and resolve any issues related to their healthcare experience or outcome. These animations provide practical tips, explain healthcare rights, and guide consumers through the complaint process, including where to begin and where to go for help if you need to take your complaint further. These animations were developed with the input of consumers with lived experience, along with other stakeholders and subject matter experts, as part of a joint project between the Commission and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency to enhance consumers’ experiences of making healthcare complaints in Australia. By sharing these resources, we can work together to ensure that consumers are better supported to make complaints and contribute to improving health care. Watch the animations at safetyandquality.gov.au/complaints.

NSW Health Consumer, Carer, and Community Advisory Council

Applications close 3 June 2024!

Active life

Do you want to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities across NSW? Apply to join the NSW Health Consumer, Carer and Community Advisory Council and shape the future of healthcare – your voice matters! The NSW Health Consumer, Carer, and Community Advisory Council aims to integrate diverse perspectives into strategic health decisions. Open to consumers, carers, and community members across NSW, the Council seeks to provide impartial advice on critical issues directly to the Secretary of NSW Health.
As a member of the Council, you will bring a wealth of experience in consumer/carer/community partnership and various engagement methods. The Council will convene every two months to discuss pressing matters and delve deeper into selected topics annually, fostering meaningful dialogue and collaborative problem-solving. With a time commitment of approximately 8-10 hours every second month, including meeting and preparation time, members will play a vital role in shaping the future of healthcare in NSW. Payment and recognition will be provided in accordance with established guidelines, highlighting the value and importance of the contributions made by Council members.
The Council’s overarching goal is to ensure that the voices of those receiving, caring for, or potentially accessing health services are not only heard but actively incorporated into decision-making processes. Aspiring members are encouraged to apply online, expressing their interest and sharing their insights into how healthcare outcomes can be improved.
The Council invites individuals from all walks of life to lend their unique perspectives and experiences to this transformative endeavor. The recruitment strategy emphasizes inclusivity, collaboration, and relational working, aligning closely with NSW Health’s Six Ways of Working from All of Us.
Consumers, carers and community members can access the form here:
Expression of interest- Consumer, Carer and Community Advisory Council

If you have any questions, difficulty accessing the form or need the information in a language other than English, please feel free to get in touch or direct them to [email protected]

Applications close: 5pm Monday 3 June 2024.
Apply now and be part of this transformative journey!

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