Work should be a safe and productive space for all employees. It is not right or fair, but employers, co-workers, or customers may react negatively or rudely if you tell them about your hep C. 


Are there any work restrictions for people with hep C?

At work you don’t have to tell employers, work colleagues or customers if you have, or once had, hep C.

If you find you have hep C and work in the medical or food industry, you might be afraid of work restrictions. You don’t need to worry. Only under the special circumstances below will your hep C possibly affect your work.


When do you need to tell work about your hep C?

If you find you have hep C, the only times you need to tell your work about your hep C is:

  • If you are a health care worker who performs exposure-prone procedures and who is PCR positive. If this is the case, you have a responsibility to disclose this to HR or your manager.  
  • If you are employed in the Australian Defence Force (Navy, Army, Air Force) 

How easily is hep C transmitted at work?

Hep C is only passed on through blood-to-blood contact. This is where the blood of someone with hep C gets into your bloodstream. There are very few workplaces where blood-to-blood contact is a risk: just exposure prone medical surgery and the defence forces.


What if my employer discriminates against me because I had (or have) hep C?

Your employer is not allowed to treat you differently because you have hep C. If you feel you’re being discriminated against at work because of your hep C, find out more about your rights here or call the Hepatitis Infoline.


We can help your employer or team understand more about hep C

There are many misconceptions around hep C and how it is transmitted. If your workplace would like to know more about hep C,  sign up for one of our FREE Workforce Education programs.

One of our experienced and qualified trainers will deliver a tailored workshop to your team, which will help your colleagues understand more about hep C.


Call the free Hepatitis Infoline for more information

You’re not alone. If you would like to speak to someone who knows all about hep C, and who can connect you with the right support services, call the Hepatitis Infoline today.

You can also visit our detailed hep C information page to learn more about hep C.


This page last updated 10 Jan 2018

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