Hep C and work

It is not right or fair but employers, co-workers, or customers may react negatively or rudely if you tell them about your hep C. At work you don’t have to tell employers, work colleagues or customers about your current or past viral hepatitis.

When do you need to tell work about your hep C?

The only time you need to tell work about your hep C is if you are a health care worker who carries out exposure-prone procedures and who is PCR positive. If this is the case, you have a responsibility to disclose this to HR or your manager. For more information about discrimination, phone the Hepatitis Infoline.

For more information about health care worker responsibilities, click here to see the NSW Ministry of Health factsheet PDF >>

Also, click here to see our Detailed hep C information page >> 

This page last updated 10 Jan 2018

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