Clinicians, a new and easy way to access liver health education on the go!

Hepatology in Podcast is a new educational resource developed by Gilead Sciences in collaboration with a steering committee of Australian experts to specifically equip Australian healthcare professionals with insights and guidance for managing liver disease in all settings of care.

This series is hosted by General Practitioner, science communicator and presenter, Dr Brad McKay who will speak with a number of experts within the Australian liver disease community including Prof. Jacob George, Dr Jessica Howell, Ms Lucy McDonald, Prof. Stuart Roberts, A/Prof. Simone Strasser and Prof. Alexander Thompson.

Topics have been selected to suit the educational needs of a varied audience of specialists, nurses and general practitioners and will include:

  • 28 July – A GP perspective on hepatitis C management
  • 11 August – Impact of COVID-19 on liver health
  • 25 August – New models of care for Hepatitis C
  • 1 September – Fatty liver identification
  • 8 September – Fatty liver management
  • 22 September – Liver cancer surveillance
  • 6 October – Liver health of prisoners
  • 20 October – Hepatitis B: what every clinician should know
  • 4 November – What can we do to keep patients with cirrhosis out of hospital
  • 10 November – Alcohol use disorder and liver cirrhosis
  • 24 November – Viral Hepatitis in Indigenous Australians (part 1)
  • 1 December – Viral Hepatitis in Indigenous Australians (part 2)
  • 15 December – Clinical conundrums in Hepatitis B


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