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We’re always looking for people with lived experience of hep C to become paid peer workers at Hepatitis NSW. The work is rewarding, well-paid, often only a couple of hours a week, and an exciting way to be part of making hep C history.

You don’t need any qualifications, expertise, or special skills to be a peer worker in the Live Hep C Free program. All you need is to have lived with hep C, be passionate about helping others, have good communication skills, and be reliable. We’ll provide all the training, support, and skills you need to be a great peer worker.

Our peer workers work in partnership with healthcare workers in methadone clinics, homelessness services, mental health services, residential rehabs, and other sites to help people access the hepatitis healthcare they need.

Whether you’re in regional or metro NSW, we’d love to have you on the team.

This is a paid casual role and we’d love you to join our team of over 20 peer workers all over NSW. You don’t need any qualifications so please get in touch if you’ve ever lived with hep C and want to help others get cured and get the healthcare they need.


Live healthy, live better, live hep C free

The Live Hep C Free program is all about making it as simple, as quick, and as barrier-free for people living with or at-risk of hep C to access hep C healthcare. We partner peer workers with healthcare workers (such as hep C nurses) to offer hep C testing, treatment, and healthcare on-site at key services that people are already visiting. These 3 to 4-hour engagements might be at places such as methadone clinics, homelessness services, mental health services, needle and syringe program outlets, and residential rehabs.

The important role peer workers play is engaging with people at these services and encouraging them to see the on-site nurse about hep C. Peer workers also help clients to navigate the health system, to understand hep C, and to access the healthcare they need.

We see our peer workers as experts on living with hep C and our partner nurses as experts on hep C healthcare. Together, peer workers and hep C nurses are helping hundreds of people across NSW access testing, treatment and healthcare for hep C.

Peer workers play a vital role in the efforts to eliminate hep C as a public health threat by 2028 and The Live Hep C Free program has been enormously successful in working towards this goal. Since the start of the Live Hep C Free program in 2018 to the end of 2019:

  • 221 service visits were made by peer workers to key services across NSW
  • 3,896 people were engaged with about hep C and encouraged to access hep C healthcare
  • 1,276 people then saw the on-site partner nurse
  • 814 hep C screens were done (blood tests, FibroScan)
  • 123 people accessed hep C treatment
  • 479 people were referred onward for further healthcare (e.g. for cirrhosis, hepatitis B)

We strongly believe in making hep C testing and treatment as easy and simple as possible to access so that people have the opportunity to live healthier, to live better, and to live hep C free.

If Live Hep C Free sounds like something you would be interested in, for yourself or your clients, please contact Kyle on 02 8217 7707 or use this confidential form to get in touch with us.

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This page last updated 16 November 2020

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