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The Champion is our free monthly eNews with updates on hep C, hep B, treatment news, social media campaigns, living well with viral hepatitis, and events.

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This page last updated 21/9/23

Previous editions

The Champion eNews
March 2024 – #123
The power of peers at EMPOWER | Training new peers through our Peer Partnership Program | Hepatitis NSW Speaker Service | Keeping treatment on track with the Perx app | Nurses are the key in Hep C Remote Prescribing Program | Hepatitis B Mothers and Babies brochure
Read edition #123
February 2024 – #122
Congratulations to Alex Wade, winner of the 2023 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award | Community Health outreach at Yabun Festival | Mid-point Evaluation of DBS Testing Now Available | Beyond the C Program: incentive raised from $1,500 to $4,000 | Hepatitis NSW resources: C Change and Yarnin’ about hep B
Read edition #122
December 2023 – #121
Alexandra Wade wins 2023 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award | 2023 Audrey Lamb Community Forum and AGM | Honorary Life Memberships awarded at 2023 AGM | EMPOWER at Rev Bill Crews Foundation | National Multicultural health and Wellbeing Conference 2023
Read edition #121
November 2023 – #120
Bringing EMPOWER to the NSW HARP Forum 2023 | Hepatitis NSW at Hello Doctor Day at Granville TAFE | Beyond the C: now accredited | Help us improve our site and go in the draw to win $50
Read edition #120
October 2023 – #119
Hepatitis NSW outreach at Mid North Coast CC | Closing The Gap at Koori Knockout 2023 | Hepatitis NSW at Migrant Information Day in Hurstville | Hep C Learning Module now available in correctional centres across NSW | After Cure: Hep C in a post-cure world | Hepatitis NSW is recruiting peer workers! | Help us improve our site and go in the draw to win $50
Read edition #119
September 2023 – #118
Nominations now open for the Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award | Peers are Superheroes: EMPOWER Project kicks off in Western Sydney | Great results at Health Info Day in Cabramatta | Hepatitis NSW peers drive huge success of HEP CURED 2023 campaign | Hepatitis NSW celebrates and thanks long-serving volunteer Paul Jones | Fresh and updated What You Need to Know now available |  Help us improve our site and go in the draw to win $50
Read edition #118
August 2023 – #117
World Hepatitis Day with Dr Kerry Chant at NCIE | Community fanfare for momentous relaunch of the Lismore Liver Clinic during Hepatitis Awareness Week | #HEPCURED 2023 campaign highlights with our NSW LHD collaborators | C’ing into the Future | Hep B awareness outreach stall at Westmead Hospital | Employment Opportunity at Hepatitis NSW: Aboriginal Program Officer | Help us improve our site and go in the draw to win $50
Read edition #117
July 2023 – #116
HEP CURED: Our Game Changer Mobile Mural roadshow is promoting hep C testing and treatment across NSW | Yarnin’ About Hep B | World Hepatitis Day Event at NCIE | Our new video in Mandarin: Hepatitis B at a glance | Hep C Outreach at NAIDOC Event at Kimberwalli | Employment Opportunity at Hepatitis NSW: Aboriginal Program Officer | Beyond the C: Calling GPs to help eliminate hep C in Australia, and receive a $1,500 reimbursement payment
Read edition #116
June 2023 – #115
HEP CURED: Game Changer campaign continues its run in 2023 | Public Consultation Needed for National Hepatitis Strategies | Ryde Family Fun Day | Congratulations to Professor Carla Treloar
Read edition #115
February 2023 – #114
NSW Hep B Strategy launched with renewed drive to improve outcomes | Program Officer, Aboriginal Community Engagement position recruiting at Hepatitis NSW | s100 Co-payment Program and patient consent form expiry period extended | Report concerned that Australia’s progress towards hep C elimination at risk | Closing the Gap at YABUN 2023 | NSW Election candidates called on to outline LGBTIQ+ community commitments | Hepatitis B Mothers and Babies now available in Mandarin
Read edition #114
December 2022 – #113
Heesook Kim wins 2022 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award | Hepatitis NSW peer Bindi Andrews awarded NSP Peer of the Year | 2022 Audrey Lamb Community Forum and Annual General Meeting | Hep B Community Outreach at Baulkham Hills TAFE | Vietnamese 2023 calendar with hep B messaging
Read edition #113
November 2022 – #112
Mandatory Testing Order fact sheet launched | NSW Hep C Elimination Brainstorm makes waves | New Hep C Peer video highlights important work with the community | NSW Hep C Remote Prescribing Program lowers treatment barriers | B Positive for hep B primary care website | Australia’s Biggest Quiz update!
Read edition #112
October 2022 – #111
Australia’s Biggest Quiz… be part of this record making event! | Closing the Gap at Koori Knockout 2022 | Write To Be Heard voices get heard again | Government rejects key elements of Ice Inquiry | S100 co-payment program review
Read edition #111
September 2022 – #110
Join Australia’s Biggest Quiz… make hep C history! | Hep B and hep C… NOT transmitted through saliva | It’s Your Right campaign launches in NSW | Where is the response to the Ice Inquiry? | Testing and treatment keeps local community safe from hep C | Dr Thomas Tu recognised for outstanding work in hep B field | Daily Dose podcast tells stories from people who inject drugs
Read edition #110
August 2022 – #109
World Hepatitis Day: No excuses, hep can’t wait | World Hepatitis Day 2022 Event | HEP CURED campaign keeps on rolling | Write to Be Heard book tells hep B stories from Chinese and Korean communities | Radio interviews and podcasts | Getting hep C elimination in prisons back on track… Dillwynia | June community sessions on hep B and diabetes | Mandatory Disease Testing Act commences
Read edition #109
July 2022 – #108
Observing World Hepatitis Day and NSW Hepatitis Awareness Week 2022 | NSW Hepatitis C Strategy 2022-2025 launched | Partnership is a key to hep B awareness raising | Getting hep C elimination in prisons back on track | Hepatitis NSW conference posters archive | New website presents personal experiences of hep C, treatment and life after cure
Read edition #108
June 2022 – #107
Viral Hepatitis Conference 2022 – Brisbane | EC Australia’s “It’s Your Right” campaign rolling out | Community event for liver health at Marrin Weejali
Read edition #107
May 2022 – #106
HEP CURED Mobile Mural’s victory lap for World Liver Day! | Acute, severe hepatitis of unknown origin in children | New paper on peer‑facilitated treatment access for hep C published | A QuickStart to treatment for hep C
Read edition #106
April 2022 – #105
HEP CURED Mobile Mural wraps up successful hep C health campaign road trip | Federal Budget: 12 month funding a lifeline but 2030 hepatitis elimination goals demand longer-term investment | Face-to-face Chinese Community hep B info talks return! | Hep Connect offers the Perx app to support people on hep C treatment
Read edition #105


March 2022 – #104
HEP CURED Mobile Mural takes successful hep C health campaign on the road | New online hep C training launched | “Hep B Winners” – Korean online Hep B patients support group
Read edition #104
February 2022 – #103
New online hep B training launched | New video – Hep C Cures, Better by a Country Mile! | 2021 Audrey Lamb Community Forum video | Farewell Paul Harvey | Closing the Gap at YABUN 2022
Read edition #103
December 2021 – #102
Sinead Sheils wins 2021 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award | Hepatitis NSW has turned 30 years-old! | 2021 Audrey Lamb Community Forum and Annual General Meeting | Celebrating hep B stories and lived experiences
Read edition #102
November 2021 – #101
New report shows sustained investment is needed to eliminate hep C by 2030 | Advocacy against Australian Federal Police stigmatising campaign | Calling all hep C peers! | Hep C Cure Bootcamp – Let us know your story!
Read edition #101
October 2021 – #100
Point-of-Care hep C testing program puts Australia on the path to elimination | Chinese and Korean Language Hep B Writing Comp winners announced | The Champion a CHAMP at 100 editions! | New hep B video featuring Dr Thomas Tu
Read edition #100
September 2021 – #99
DBS Testing to be available through Hepatitis NSW| About to start hep C treatment? This free app is for you! | Media outlets provide greatly appreciated support for HEP CURED | Looking for a lockdown activity? Try the Hep C Cure Bootcamp!
Read edition #99
August 2021 – #98
NSW Hepatitis Awareness Week and World Hepatitis Day 2021 | HEP CURED | World Hepatitis Day Video | Social Media Initiative
Read edition #98
June 2021 – #97
Mandatory Disease Testing Bill passed into law | Viral Hepatitis 2021 Conference | Accord 2030: Eliminating viral hepatitis in Australia | Liver cancer prevention taught at health event for Korean women | National Volunteer Week 2021 – Recognise, Reconnect & Reimagine
Read edition #97
May 2021 – #96
Western Sydney mobile testing and Hepatitis NSW peer worker highlighted | New website reaches priority hep B communities | Hep C in prisons: testing and treatment crucial to elimination | Professor Jacob George receives award for transformational liver cancer work | Launch of online community forum dedicated to supporting people with hep B
Read edition #96
April 2021 – #95
Research insights on s100 Co-Payment Initiative | Hep B and cancer education for Chinese Women in Western Sydney | New Hep C video launched – A Win Is A Win! | Yarnin’ About Hep C… online
Read edition #95
March 2021 – #94
Great achievements after five years of hepatitis C elimination – but more work needed | HEP CURED campaign to take off in March! | Closing the Gap at 414 Elizabeth Street | The Hep Connect: Smartphone app to support people on hep C treatment | Vale, Jude Byrne
Read edition #94
February 2021 – #93
Hepatitis NSW presents case against Mandatory Disease Testing Bill | COVID-19 vaccine and viral hepatitis | New project in Western Sydney helping to end hep C | And that’s a wrap on the Clearing The Path Campaign…
Read edition #93
January 2021 – #92
Survey provides insight into health trends of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people | New HEP CURED campaign to connect and support | Despite COVID, our hep B community education continues | YABUN goes online for 2021| Online community provides hep B and liver health support
Read edition #92
December 2020 – #91
Professor Bob Batey wins 2020 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award | Mandatory Disease Testing Bill a major step in the wrong direction | 2020 Audrey Lamb Community Forum and Annual General Meeting | Hepatitis NSW and NADA “renew our vows” | “My Health, Our Family” report on mixed viral status in families released
Read edition #91
November 2020 – #90
Peer photoshoot puts a human face to Clearing The Path campaign | Fair Treatment win for Dubbo | Testing for hepatitis B campaign | Centre for Social Research in Health celebrating 30 years of impact | Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2020
Read edition #90
October 2020 – #89
Korean language website launched | Nobel prize in medicine awarded to trio for work on hepatitis C | Clearing the Path… We’ve been everywhere! | You never know where the hep C cure message will come from | Viral hep treatment and policy must recognise affected communities | Please help Hepatitis NSW test run our online AGM | Expressions of Interest – Hepatitis Australia Community Board Member
Read edition #89
September 2020 – #88
Australian first for Network Nurse Practitioner | Don’t miss these powerful personal stories | Nominations open for Cheryl Burman Award | Annual staff planning day bears significant fruit| And the (survey reply) winners are…
Read edition #88
August 2020 – #87
Reducing the burden of hepatitis on World Hepatitis Day (plus all our World Hepatitis Day activities) | Hepatitis NSW Strategic Plan 2020-24 launched | Nominations open for Hepatitis NSW Honorary Life Membership
Read edition #87
July 2020 – #86
No fake news: Clearing the Path keeps on keeping on | Hepatitis NSW believes Black Lives Matter | Postcards from prison: a creative way to support NSW prisoners | Community hep B communication campaign continues! | One Google search can undo all our good work…
Read edition #86
June 2020 – #85
Unexpected bright spot: Clearing the Path campaign returns | Have you heard it on The Hep Vine? Check out our new blog | New CEO appointed to Hepatitis Australia | Using technology to continue community engagement and education
Read edition #85
May 2020 – #84
Kirby Institute releases report on progress of hep C elimination in NSW | COVID-19 and viral hepatitis FAQs are go! | Hepatitis NSW: A snapshot of state-wide DBS collaborations | Test Cure Live campaign winner
Read edition #84
April 2020 – #83
Changes to PBS for hepatitis treatment mean better and easier access to cure | COVID-19 delays Hep C Campaign 2020 | Hepatitis NSW’s services and programs during COVID-19 measures
Read edition #83
March 2020 – #82
Clearing the Path leads to Campaign2020 | MHAHS launches new multi-channel hep B campaign | Vale, Steve Gribbin | Blacktown gets hep B educated! | Training peers & building bridges in Northern NSW
Read edition #82
February 2020 – #81
Clearing the Path campaign rolls out | Closing the Gap at Yabun Festival 2020  | Connecting hep C clients to care and cure | Test, Cure, Live campaign in Northern Rivers | It’s time for a C Change… print resource released as a video!
Read edition #81
January 2020 – #80
Clearing The Path from this January | Audrey Lamb Community Forum 2019 | Hepatitis NSW’s commitment to environmental responsibility
Read edition #80
December 2019 – #79
Bev Tyson wins 2019 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award | Vale Anne Lawrance  | Albury Hep C Elimination Forum | Honorary Life memberships awarded at 2019 AGM | Clinical support offered through new look Hep Connect Program | Hello Doctor helps highlight hepatitis B | Mary Wade Correctional Centre Hepatitis C Project
Read edition #79
November 2019 – #78
Welcome from Steven Drew, Hepatitis NSW CEO | Koori Knockout & 414 Closing The Gap! | Albury Hep C Elimination campaign | HARP Forum 2019 Let’s Stick Together Poster award | Hep C campaign collaboration = success!
Read edition #78
October 2019 – #77
Hepatitis B health promotion and testing for Chinese communities in Hurstville | “Thank you and farewell” …. Stuart Loveday retires from Hepatitis NSW | Archiving historical documents of Hepatitis NSW | Hep C campaign collaboration = success! | Annie Madden awarded an Order of Australia
Read edition #77
September 2019 – #76
Release of the first national report on progress towards eliminating hepatitis C | New Hepatitis NSW CEO Announced – Stuart Loveday retiring | Community mobilisation – Engaging people in hep B testing and care | Posters at AVHEC highlight Hepatitis NSW’s community and peer work | Changes to health screening requirements for visa applicants
Read edition #76
August 2019 – #75
Launching 2019 NSW Hepatitis Awareness Week and World Hepatitis Day | Our first Reconciliation Action Plan now available | Positions available at Hepatitis NSW | National Viral Hepatitis Mapping Project goes online | Website news, views, and a whole new liver section! | Hepatitis NSW video, radio, media and conference news | Steep declines in hep C among people who inject drugs
Professional Community
July 2019 – #74
New hepatitis C treatment data confirms time for action is now | Live Hep C Free program update | Peer Projects Training | Hep B Community Education Days | Pet Pics promote health messages | Dave’s work placement at Hepatitis NSW | NSW Hepatitis Awareness Week & World Hepatitis Day 2019
Professional Community
June 2019 – #73
Kooloora Family Fun Day for Aboriginal communities around Malabar | Volunteer appreciation at Hepatitis NSW | Major milestone for Tx! MAG | Hep B health education event at Ashfield Town Hall | Student placement at Hepatitis NSW helps with hep B education
Professional Community
April/May 2019 – #72
Australian Federal Election 2019: Leading the National Response to Viral Hepatitis | Hep C is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Brand: DBS Testing at Bluesfest |  Vosevi listed on PBS | Liver Wellness Outreach Van launched | Volunteering to make a world of difference | Vale, Elizabeth O’Neil |  Get Bloody Serious in the Riverina | Sydney Korean Festival at Darling Harbour
Professional Community
March 2019 – #71
Overview of the Fifth National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander BBV and STI Strategy 2018-2022 | Closing the Gap at 414 Elizabeth Street | How do we Close The Gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health? | Hep C tests at Bluesfest! | Live Hep C Free in Orange and Bathurst
Professional Community
February 2019 – #70
9 out of 10 Australians to have a My Health Record | Hep B Community Sessions for Lunar New Year
Professional Community
January 2019 – #69
Overview: Third National Hepatitis B Strategy 2018–2022 | Closing the Gap at Yabun Festival 2019 |Pet Pics reach homeless people with hep C messages | Feasibility of eliminating hep C as a public health threat | New FINCOL poster on cleaning fits in prisons | Men’s Sheds targeted for viral hep info
Professional Community
December 2018 – #68
National Hepatitis Strategies released | Get Bloody Serious goes north! | Cycle to End the Cycle in Maroubra | Hepatitis NSW supports Give A Dog A Bone
Professional Community
November 2018 – #67
Gail Snelgar wins 2018 Hepatitis NSW Cheryl Burman Award | Kirby’s Annual Report Card shows hep B and hep C trends | Report highlights barriers to hep C treatment | New Hepatitis NSW President and Board changes | Vale Ann Symonds | Hep B Expo in North Western Sydney a huge success!
Professional Community
October 2018 – #66
Navigating the Future – Partnerships at the 2018 NSW HARP Forum | National Hep C management statement updated | It’s a KNOCKOUT for BBVs and STIs at Dubbo! | Fair Treatment Campaign launched and The Long Walk begins
Professional Community
September 2018 – #65
EC Australia launch provides a vital missing link to eliminating hepatitis C | Hep B and Hep C Online Learning Modules | Promoting hep C treatment… how do you score? | Prisons initiative a finalist in 2018 NSW iCare Awards | Mobile phones, health promotion… and Ferrari cars! | Hepatitis NSW visits Dubbo for the Knockout!
Professional Community
August 2018 – #64
2018 Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference wrap up | Yarnin’ hep C resource for Aboriginal people recognised | Maviret listed… don’t forget to update your resources | Hep B day at UNSW a huge success | Nominations are open for Hepatitis NSW’s Annual Cheryl Burman Award| Hep B screening and health promotion for Aboriginal communities in Western NSW | Resources Survey winner pays it forward | Split-second moment that changed the next 35 years of my life
Professional Community
July 2018 – #63
Everything you need to know about our HEP B & HEP C AWARENESS CAMPAIGN for 2018 | My Health Record – what are the benefits and risks?
Professional Community
June 2018 – #62
NSW Hepatitis C Report Card shows progress in treatment | Hep B Digital Storytelling Project a huge success at WSU | Hep A is in the news – but what is it?
Professional Community
May 2018 – #61
Prison Needle and Syringe Programs to start in Canada | Hepatitis B National Symposium | Sydney Korean Festival
Professional Community
April 2018 – #60
Hep C Elimination workshop  | Hep C peers at your service | Hep B play seen by 600 people in Hurstville  |
Getting Bloody Serious all over NSW!
Professional Community
March 2018 – #59
Calling all hep C peers! | Dragon Boating for hep B awareness | Vale Professor David Cooper |
Family Fun Day at Baulkham Hills | National Close The Gap Day: Let’s Walk the Talk
Professional Community
February 2018 – #58
Counselling can help to enhance quality of life Hepatitis NSW at Yabun | Rob Wisniewski to leave Hepatitis NSW | Hep C Online Learning Modules
Professional Community
January 2018 – #57
Hep C elimination in NSW by 2028 | Liver cirrhosis resource | new website
Professional Community


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